You Don’t Need a 4 – year Degree to Work with Us – Says Apple, Netflix & Google

4 year degree

Almost every student believe that going to school and getting a four – year degree as well as going under debts during the process is a must if you want to land a high-paying job in companies such as Google, Netflix, and Apple. However, that is not always the case!

Some Business leaders, including Siemens USA CEO Barbara Humpton and Apple CEO Tim cook, have already raised question about for four years degrees. Infact, Tim Cook said that almost half of US employees of APPLE last year had people who didn’t have four-year degrees. Tim Cook reasoned that a lot of the colleges do n ot teach the skills required that leaders are looking for in their employees.

Barbara Humpton has also spoken against the idea that a four year degree quarantees the career-readiness of a person. Humpton said, “ all too often, job requisition will say they require a four year degree, when infact there’s nothing  about the job that truly require a four year degree – it merely helped our hiring managers sort of weed through the crowd and got a smaller qualified candidates group.’ Humpton wasspeaking at the white house during the first American Workforce Policy Advisory Board Meeting.

Companies, including the likes of Google and Apple, are now focusing on hiring employees that possess the skills needed for getting tasks done, with or without a degree. Linkedln has also determined that most of today’s hottest companies to work for do not ask their employees for a degree as a prerequisite for applying.

by analyzing even further, Linkedln was able to determine that certain positions are more likely to be filled by non-college grasduate such as electronic technicians, mechanical designers, and marketing representatives.


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