How to participate and Fill the N-Power Transition Survey page on your Dashboard –

npower 2019

N-Power Transition Survey page – The N-Power Batch A volunteers will now have the opportunity to participate and fill the transition survey page on their dashboard as the Federal Government of Nigeria has roll out the survey form to enable them access what’s best will be done for the volunteers.

npower 2019

You are to read this article below as it will guide you more on the steps to take and the choice to make in filling out the survey. Nte that it is only a survey and must be filled to the best of your knowledge as what answers presented is what the government will use to mark the end of the programme for the batch A and transit them to a more permanent job outfits that matches their cateria and qualifications.


You may however experience the disappearance of the survey page from your site more oftenly but when you login and click on your dashboard, at the top of your browser, remove the dashboard and type npower-transition and click enter. The transition page will appear. You are to select only two options and submit.


  • Volunteers can select a maximum of two options.
  • Once submitted, you cannot change your options.
  • Carefully select your options in the order shown on your screen.
  • In each category, you are allowed to select one option only.



Selection Category 1:

Become a Community PoliceMan and Become a Teacher

Selection Category 2:

Become a Field Agent and Start a Business (GEEP Loan)

Selection Category 3:

Become a SANEF Agent and Start a Farm / Expand your Farm (NIRSAL)


I hope you have been enlighten about to check and fill the transition form. You are to check always on your page to see if you have been selected for any options chosen.

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