How to make Money from Flipping Blogs In Nigeria – (Free Guide)


See how to Make Money Flipping Blogs In Nigeria – Have you heard about the word Flipping? Yes this word have been in existence but few of us knew nothing about it. We deem it fit to make it known to you that you can make serious money here in Nigeria flipping Blogs and that is what i want to show you how to go about it.

Flipping Blogs is a way or process where you buy or build a blog, renovates it and sell at a higher price. It is lucrative and can earn you more within months.

So my friend, its with great joy i announced to you the guide to Blog flipping here. We present this masterpiece and hope you adhere to the steps outline for you here.

If you are reading blog flipping from this angle. Here are some of the steps to follow;

1. Niche

This is the Root of every Blog. The niche you pick can either make or mar your blogging journey. So its important you pick the niche you have a high interest in. Niches includes topics areas like Food, Health, Finance, Business etc.

2. Quality Contents

After hosting your blog with a good online host, your blogging journey now starts. You will begin to add high quality articles which are original and writing soles about your niche by you.

you may reserch on the contents or articles that perform most for any topic or the most shared posts from other blogs using special online tools such as Buzzsumo. This will help you in creating quality content online that will beat your competitors in the search engines.

remember, the main point here is not about quantity articles but Quality ones, even in the online business, they say Quality Content is the King.

With Just few High quality contents, you can flip your blog for a huge amount online any day.

3. Flipping it

Now that your blog is with full with quality articles, its time to monetize it through Google Adsense or Affiliate marketing.

Where to Find Blogs for Sale

There are many market places where you get listed blogs for sale or to buy. Below are few of them which can be find below;




Free market

website broker

web hosting talk

However, these are some of the few things to look out for when buying a blog

  • The blog should contain original and quality articles, even if its just 5 articles
  • The blog should have a daily visitors of atleast 300 unique persons daily.
  • The Blog should be free from any Google penalty such as Panda or Penguin.
  • Check how much the blog is worth inorder not to be short change in its Price.

The above tips should help you buy a good blog. After the purchase, take out some time to work on the site through it redesigning it and making it look better and different.


The good news is that anyone can do blog flipping or become a blog flipper since it has a low barrier to entry.


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