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Countdown to launch on

Welcome to This is News platform where original news contents and report are researched before being published for all its members and readers. We strive to give all our readers best content to match their ever daily curiosity as you visit this site. Our main Priorty is to give our readers pleasant user exeperience on the site daily. You can see more below. is an online News platform own and managed by INFONET LOGISTICS, a register ICT company based in Portharcourt Rivers state. We are a legal entity with the Corporate affairs Commission (CAC) of Nigeria and adhere to all media and communication codes of the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission  (NBC). Here we simply make our readers satisfaction a top priority.

This News platform will strive to be logical in news reporting and we will make available various means to pay our members as they read and comment on our post published here.

We enjoin you tell your friends,  family and loved ones that we are about to lauch this existing platform. We have done our research over the past few months and now wait for Google adsense to display ads on our site by giving us that approval. This will go along way to aid our platform and enhance the quality of our news content the more.

As we await adsense team approval, we ask all to pray and lets hope Google will give us the green light, hopefully they will.

We would be back shortly…..


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