Appeal for Google Adsense team to show ads on this site – We have been waiting


We have review all our policy and content ratings to match that of Google adsense policy and regulations inorder not to violate any. All of expert teams have worked on the site, remove scrapping and spamming content and we are ready.

adsense approval

We receive our first message from the adsense team to remove some scrap content on this site and that we did by taking the last 48hrs to thoroughly review our site to come in terms with adsense programme policy so as to enable the various ads codes place on the site to come up live.

We also appeal to the team to see this site as a News platform where thousands of would be members eagerly waiting to learn more and get the best of users experience hope for ads to be enable so as to give the site a face lift.

We would continue to adhere to adsense policy and always write original content deem to provide users experience to all.

As thousands of our would be members are waiting and praying, we can only hope the ads codes will be approved and we will receive that good news email as caption above that we can now show ads live.Congratulations to us in advance and thank you to the adsense team

Thank you adsense,

Thank you Google.


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